Are You Seeing Jesus With The Poor?

Are You Seeing Jesus With The Poor?

In this segment, we get in the Word and discuss how God identifies with the marginalized and stands with them on the edges. We also discuss the Lend To The Lord Campaign and three of the international microchurches of the Unshackled Network; His Providence Ministries in Uganda, Bethlehem Full Gospel Ministries, and Steps of Kindness. We also discuss how we can align our hearts and our hands with the God who is on the margins with the poor! Your gift will bless these three microchurches. Please visit for more information or to give.

Will God Accept Your Worship?| Five by the Fire Ep. 320

The Shepherd and His Sheep | Ep. 25

Today’s Reading: Genesis 26; Matthew 25; Esther 2; Acts 25

In today’s podcast, we focus on Mathew 25 and how he wants to understand another layer of his identity as the Good Shepherd and as such what it looks like to be one of His sheep. 

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