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A Podcast on Fatherhood, Life, Sports, and Nerd Culture

Welcome to the Good Dad, Bad Dad Podcast where we recognize that any day we could be the good dad or the bad dad. Journey with Arman Sheffey and Eric Shaffer, two very different fathers finding common ground in parenting special needs kids, sports, nerd culture, and who knows what else.

The Latest Episodes

Things to Do for Family Game Night | Ep. 13

In this episode, the fellas discuss what family game night is like in their homes. If you have kids with special needs you can surely relate to the struggles they share. Enjoy!

Bonus: Breaking Down Venom 2 | Ep. 12.5

In this episode, we give you the part of our conversation that almost didn’t see the light of day. But we thought maybe some comic book movie fans would appreciate it.

Enjoy this chat about the new movie: Venom 2.

Planning Halloween for Special Needs Kids & Family Pet Peeves | Ep. 12

In this episode, Arman and Eric share their plans for Halloween with their families, as they work on a solution to helping Arman’s son enjoy trick or treating. They also share their pet peeves and their greatest joys regarding their families.

Honesty, Trust, & Apple Air Tags | #004 Good Dad Bad Dad

We get REAL in this episode and some major past issues and current struggles are revealed.
We talk about Santa and keeping our kids safe. You are going to LOVE this episode!

Insecurity/Anxiety, Bears’ Draft, & Star Wars | GOOD DAD BAD DAD – EP. 3

In this episode, we navigate the difficulty of parenting children through insecurity and anxiety, as well as get excited about the Bears season with Justin Fields, and nerd out over Star Wars the Bad Batch.

Origins, Pandemic Parenting, & More Marvel | GOOD DAD BAD DAD – EP. 2

Today we go into our friendship’s origin story and talk about the evolution of Arman & Eric. We also talk about what back to school in April looks like and how it’s impacting our kids. Don’t leave without diving in with us on our final thoughts about falcon and winter soldier.

Meet the Hosts & Falcon/Winter Soldier Talk | GOOD DAD BAD DAD – Ep. 1

In this inaugural episode, we discuss a bit of our family background and chop up our thoughts on Falcon and Winter Solider so far. Enjoy!