How Do I Discover My Purpose in Each Stage of Life? – Brain Sanders | Freedom Stories (S2, Ep. 7)

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 7 of the Freedom Stories Podcast, where we discuss the freedom stories of individuals trying to live for God. Today’s discussion is with Brian Sanders, author and founder of the Tampa Underground as he shares insights from his life and latest book, “The Six Seasons of Calling.”

Interpreting the Voice of God – Greg Harris | Freedom Stories (S2, Ep. 6)

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Freedom Stories Podcast, where we discuss the freedom stories of individuals trying to live for God. Today’s discussion goes into walking by faith and interpreting God’s voice.

Good News to Those Suffering from Trauma – Timothy Wynn | Freedom Stories (S2, Ep.5)

In Episode 5 of Season 2, we sit down with Timothy Wynn. He is a dynamic preacher, organizational leader, and church planter. He leads Plant 4 Harvest and we spend our time today diving into his freedom story. It is one of trauma, mental illness, and then the development of ministry to those dealing with trauma.

You don’t want to miss this conversation, also featured in the Fury & Friends Show.

For more on Bishop Wynn, go to or email him to discuss taking your next step in ministry at

Surviving Toxic Relationships – Katina Horton | Freedom Stories (S2, Ep.4)

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Freedom Stories Podcast! We get a chance to sit down and go deep with Katina Horton. She shares her story of brokenness and struggles within a toxic relationship as she takes us to school on the cycles of abuse and the way forward for those feeling trapped in it?

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Just Focus on Jesus – Morgan Walker | Freedom Stories (S2, Ep.3)

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Freedom Stories Podcast! We get a chance to sit down and chop it up with Morgan Walker. She shares her story of freedom in Jesus and her second conversion where she discovered the evils of white supremacy. We also discuss legalism, loving the vulnerable and so much more.

God Is Calling You – Jonathan Lozada | Freedom Stories (S2, Ep.2)

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 2 of the Freedom Stories Podcast. In this episode, we sit down with Hip-hop artist and ministry leader, Jonathan Lozada as he shares his testimony and struggles in ministry.

Making Beats and Making Disciples – Laban Reeves | Freedom Stories (S2, Ep.1)

Season 2 of the Freedom Stories podcast (formerly Freedom Storytellers Podcast) launches with a bang as we discuss living life by faith with Laban Reeves. He is a pastor, platinum music producer, and all-around great guy who gives up the tea on his story today.
He talks about working with Foxy Brown, Rhymefest, and Kanye West on his way to working with the greatest of all: Jesus.

Enjoy the discussion.

Want For Others What You Want For Yourself – Anthony Bobo Jr. | Freedom Stories (S1. Ep. 6)

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Freedom Storytellers, where we get into deep convos with people who share with us the stops along the journey toward freedom. Today it was a conversation with Anthony Bobo Jr. He is the Senior Associate of the Joseph Factor Group, and a great leader in my life lately. Enjoy his sharing of the development of his book, “Committed to Love,” and his heart for Biblical Justice.

Persevering Through A Tragic Diagnosis – Tammy James | Freedom Stories (S1, Ep. 5)

Welcome to Episode 5 of Freedom Storytellers where we get into people’s real stories of joy and the journey to freedom. Today we enjoy the interview Jarael did with Tammy James, former Cancer Centers of America Chaplain and cancer survivor, as she gives us some of her story and her secrets to persevering through a tragic diagnosis.

Surrendering to God’s Agenda – Pastor Mark Carter | Freedom Stories (S1, Ep. 4)

In this episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Pastor Mark Carter of Fierce Church and hearing about his journey. He shares his early college days and his surrender to Jesus and even some failures in church planting.

Being Humbled by God and Finding Purpose – Pastor Fury | Freedom Stories (S1, Ep. 3)

Arman “Pastor Fury” Sheffey walks us through the difficulty of thinking you know everything and having the Lord humble you over and over again. He shares his struggles in his 20’s with womanizing, drinking, weed, adultery and so much more and then what life after meeting Jesus looked like. Fury shares being called to ministry and why the Unshackled Network was formed.
Be encouraged that Jesus humbles and disciplines those that he loves as he keeps shaping and molding them.

Leaving the Latin Kings – Jesus “Chuy” Llanos | Freedom Stories (S1, Ep. 2)

Jesus “Chuy” Llanos is a former leader in the Round Lake area Latin Kings and shares with us his story of finding freedom in Jesus. He walks us through the love he was after and the real love he ultimately found. Chuy also shares the scary moment of telling the gang that he was leaving and the way that God was faithful to him through that season and so many others. Be encouraged that Jesus keeps pursuing His people to set them free.

Discovering Identity in Jesus – Jarael Cosmano | Freedom Stories (S1, Ep. 1)

In this first Freedom Storytellers interview, we have a conversation with Jarael Cosmano who is a Mom, Wife, follower of Jesus, and a part of the Unshackled Network Staff, where she works to bring clarity in communication and supports the mission and vision of helping the marginalized experience freedom in Jesus.