Super Bowl 2024 + Connecting with Daughters, and More | Ep. 2

Super Bowl 2024 + Connecting with Daughters, and More | Ep. 2

Welcome to the second episode of the podcast rebrand, brought to you by Freedom Story Studios. We are officially now the FanDumb and Dumber Podcast. In this marathon episode, we discuss connecting with our kids, a whole lot of NFL talk as we get ready for the Super Bowl, and more. Here’s what you can expect.

In segment one, Eric and Fury talk about connecting with their daughters, or doing what they can to try.

Video Mentioned:

There is a surprise guest for a few minutes.
In our largest segment, NERD NEWS we talk Super Bowl, Coach hirings, Bears Stadium updates, MCU updates, the passing of Carl Weathers, and the release of the Apple Vision Pro.
In Segment 3, we talk about our TOPS & BOTTOMS since the last episode. The things we loved and not so much….
A Murder at the End of the World
NHL players back in the Olympics 2026 & 2030

The Underdogs with Snoop Dog
Upper deck hockey and the outrageous costs they are charging for 2023 series 2

The Final Segment is Awards Time
FAN DUMBER AWARD – All-star games across all 4 major sports.

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