The Pastor Fury Audio Experience
The Pastor Fury Audio Experience
Freedom from Depression and Drugs - Pastor Fury | Fury & Friends Show - Ep. 3

In Episode 3 of The Fury & Friends Show, we have fun talking about Shang Chi, Hawkeye’s Trailer, Star Wars Visions Trailer, and our experiences with COVID during this pandemic. Today’s show highlight is the Interview with Pastor Fury, as he spills all the tea about his past. There is so much we end up splitting it into two parts. Enjoy part one of his story of God’s faithfulness in humbling this wild man who thought he knew it all. #Interview #Marvel #Testimony

Chapter Shortcuts and Video Links

0:00 Intro

1:08 Disney Takes Over

1:30 Shang Chi Discussion

Shang Chi Review:

All Hail The Ving on Disney+:

15:11 Hawkeye Trailer Discussion Hawkeye Trailer Reaction Video:

21:16 Star Wars Visions Reaction Video:

Discussion Video with Guest:

27:10 COVID conversation Good Dad Bad Dad Podcast Ep 10:

36:50 Pastor Fury Interview Part 1

39:37 Identity Issues 41:27

Two Things I Wanted to Be True of My Life

42:43 Struggles in College

45:49 My Young Faith

47:54 Life with My Ex

49:58 Meeting my wife, Lariza

54:54 Unfaithfulness Begins

55:21 Searching for Identity

56:00 Rebranding Myself the Bomb

57:30 Days Teaching Middle School

58:29 Emailing Porn to Teachers

59:33 Depression at Waukegan H.S.

1:00:33 Began Smoking Weed

1:02:06 Getting Let Go from Waukegan H.S

1:04:20 Contemplating Suicide

1:04:47 Meeting and Surrendering to Jesus

1:08:27 Confessing my Sins to Lariza

1:11:31 Closing (Come back on Oct 2nd for the conclusion) for more!