The Pastor Fury Audio Experience
The Pastor Fury Audio Experience
Leaving the Latin Kings - Jesus "Chuy" Llanos | Fury & Friends Show - Ep. 2

In Episode 2 of The Fury & Friends Show, we have fun talking about Spiderman No Way Home, the What If Series on Disney +, and the topic of Resilience. But the highlight of today is the Interview with Jesus “Chuy” Llanos, as he shares his story of resilience and God’s pursuit even while he was a gang leader. See below for shortcuts to different segments and links to some of the other Freedom Story Media content we discuss.

Chapter Shortcuts and Video Links

0:00 Intro

1:14 – Spiderman No Way Home

5:33 – Trailer Reaction Video:

8:14 – What If 1

My Real Reel Review of What If Chapter 1:

14:28 – What If 2

What If 2 Reaction Video –

19:34 – What If 3 Reaction Video –

21:39 – Wave Full Vlog of the WAVE Trip –

42:53 – Interview of Jesus “Chuy” Llanos Full Interview:

1:08:39 Discussion of Chuy’s Story

1:11:27 Close