The Pastor Fury Audio Experience
The Pastor Fury Audio Experience
Identity in Christ w/ Jarael Cosmano | Fury & Friends Show - Ep. 1

“You are not put on this earth to be in the background.” Jarael Cosmano Welcome to Episode 1 of the Fury & Friends Show, where we get into entertainment chat, God’s truth, dealing with real-life, and more. Every episode will spotlight a Q&A with either the hosts or a guest, so enjoy! In this first episode, we get to know co-host Jarael Cosmano!

Chapter Shortcuts and Video Links

0:00 Show Intro

2:27 Jarael Introduction

3:40 Good Dad Bad Dad Episode 9 (

4:20 Raise & Release IGTV (…)

7:43 VLOG (

11:21 Eating 37-Year-Old Gum (

14:37 Marvel Talk

18:50 WandaVision

19:06 Falcon and the Winter Soldier

24:10 Dumb Dubs Introduction

25:27 Captain America and Falcon End Game – Dumb Dub

27:34 Loki Finale – Dumb Dubs

29:05 Freedom Story Entertainment Intro

29:55 Will Loki Ever Learn?

31:43 Are YOU ready to learn?

35:35 Reflections on the Importance of hearing the Truth

39:17 Jarael Interview

40:30 “I had no self-control.”

41:29 What message did you need to hear?

42:43 When did life shift for you?

44:04 What brought you to church?

45:04 Why Inviting People to Church matters.

45:18 The power of smaller churches

46:33 What was your new life with Christ-like?

47:40 What were the challenges you experienced with the Lord?

49:47 Should you talk about sex in Church?

51:17 Struggling with a lack of self-confidence

52:56 Finding a new church home

54:19 Journeying toward Jesus and Justice

55:26 What is the Unshackled Network?

56:07 Can people make HipHop music in Church?

58:02 The Origin of Beats, Bars, and Bible

1:00:02 The Importance of Community and Not Procrastinating

1:01:42 Conclusion

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